Neat, Organized and Untanagled! The
Strap-Caddy is GREAT for:

Tie-Down Straps

Just hook the fixed end of your tie-down strap to the bottom of your Strap-Caddy. Collect the excess strap until you can hook the other end to the top of your Strap-Caddy, leaving an inch or two for ratcheting. Snug down your strap and then feed the extra strap into the body of your strap-Caddy. Neat and out of the way!

Bungee Cords

Just hook one end of your bungee cord on the Strap-Caddy, stretch it around and hook the other end. Done!

Cam Straps

Just slip a section of the strap through the slit running down the body of the Strap-Caddy and bring the loose end through the cam until it’s secure on the Strap-Caddy. Then feed the excess strap down the body of the Strap-Caddy. Organized for next time!